Dashboards are designed to give a quick high-level view of the analysis of your data. They highlight important details about your metrics (eg. NPS or CSAT), what themes are impacting those metrics the most and how the themes have changed over time. Dashboards are highly customizable and a data set can have multiple that focus on different aspects of the data. 

You can find your dashboard(s) in the top left menu under Dashboards (Which will be a drop-down menu if you have more than one dashboard.

If you don't see any drop-downs in the dashboard menu you may not have been given access to them. Check with your organization's administrator or reach out to your contact at Thematic if you'd like to learn more about accessing them.


Dashboards are made up of individual widgets which focus on different aspects of your data.  highly customizable for your needs, and each data set can have multiple dashboards that focus on different aspects. Dashboards are made up of widgets which focus on a single topic.

Key Takeaways - Shows the bullet points of the most important things about your data

Score  - Shows the score, previous period change, and number of responses for the selected time period.

Score Over Time - Shows the score charted over time

Why did score change - Shows the score changes explained by themes for the current and previous time periods.

Summary - Shows the summary of responses for your data.

Responses - Shows the number of responses for your data.

Top themes by volume - Shows the 5 biggest base themes and their sub-themes, along with the option to show a summary and/or comments when a theme is clicked.