Over Time

The Over Time tool requires dates and scores in your data ie. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or 1-5 star ratings.

The Over Time analytic tool shows you the change in score and theme volume over different time periods in your data.

Over time has 2 sections

Top section: Score over time

  • To see the exact score in a time period, mouse over the dot.
  • To change the time period to weeks, months, quarters or 90 day rolling use the options button.

Bottom section: Themes in a selected time period

  • Select a time period by clicking on a time periods dot. The themes word cloud will update, as well as the total number of responses in that time period displayed at the top of the wordcloud. 
  • To unselect a time period click the "Unlock graph" button.
  • Like the Themes or Sentiment tool, the themes are color-coded to represent their sentiment and themes with a statistically significant increase or decrease in frequency in the time period compared to overall are marked with an up or down arrow.
  • The exact number of responses for each theme is written in brackets and you can mouse over each base theme to see the volumes of its sub-themes. 
  • To see data examples of a base or sub-theme in the right section click on the themes name.


Adding a score filter to over time will only limit the range of scores shown, and any applied date filters will not have any effect.

  • Adding an orange filter will add a new orange scoreline to show the second filtered set of data score.
  • Adding an orange filter will also add another word cloud below the first to show the second filtered set of datas themes.
  • The data examples will show examples from both filtered sets of data for the selected theme, and downloading comments will detail what filters have been applied

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