Score Change

The Score change tool requires dates and scores in your data to display properly ie. NPS or CSAT

The Score Change analytic tool helps you understand what has contributed to the changes in your score over time. It is different than the impact view because it shows change across time periods, instead of looking at each individually.

Score over time

  • Click on a time period to see its score compared to the previous time period. Hovering over it will show the exact score.
  • You can select two exact time periods to compare using the date selector in the bottom left.
  • To change the time period to weeks, months, quarters, biannually or 90 days rolling using the options button.
  • If you have multiple scores, switch between them by clicking the score in the top left.

Themes that caused the change in score

  • The Graph will show what themes caused an increase (green) or a decrease (red) in the score and by how much.
  • The total change of all the themes will add up to the total difference in score.
  • Click on any base theme to see its sub-themes, and click on any theme to see its example comments.
  • Hovering over a theme will show details about it's volume and score in both time periods.
  • A positive theme like Good experience can cause a negative change by fewer people mentioning it, or the score of people mentioning it becoming less positive.

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