How to download your data from Thematic

You can download your data from Thematic a few ways.

  • .csv of responses
  • Volume chart data from the analytic tools
  • Powerpoint Report of top themes

You may not have been given permission to download the data from each dataset, in which case the download buttons won't appear for you. This may be because of sensitive information in the data. Check with your organization's administrator or reach out to your contact at Thematic if you're interested in being able to download the data.


Downloading a .csv file will contain the free-text column(s) Thematic has analyzed, as well as additional information about the responses like an NPS, date, or customer segment. This can be customized and if you have requests for what columns should be included from the data contact your organization's Thematic admin.

You can either download from the entire dataset or only the responses which have been tagged with a specific theme. The left drop-down is for all responses, the right drop-down is for responses with the currently selected theme. 

The blue set of filters will be applied to this downloaded data. You can clear all the filters using the "Reset" in the top right.

Large data sets may have a loading time delay between clicking download and choosing file save location. You will be prompted to choose the file save location on your computer. The file will be named after the name of the data set, any applied filters, and the date of download.

Volume chart data

You can download an excel file with the analytic tool chart data. Any blue filters applied will affect the data downloaded.

Depending on which tab you're on, you'll either get the Volume, the Impact, or the average Score of each base and sub-theme.

Powerpoint Report

The PowerPoint export is editable and contains a summary of the data and more information on the base theme you've selected.

Any blue applied filters will be applied to the PowerPoint export.