How to upload your data manually to Thematic

1. Log into Thematic and open the top-right drop-down menu. Click "Upload/Manage data".

If you don't see the a "Upload/Manage data" Page to upload your data, you may not have been given permission to. Check with your organization's administrator or reach out to your contact at Thematic to get this resolved.

2. Only data sets that are accepting new data will be visible. Drag your CSV (.csv) or Excel file from your finder or file browser into the grey section under the correct data set to upload it, or click to upload and select the file on your computer. You can zip your excel or csv files to upload them faster. More details about accepted file formats/best practices

3. Once your file is selected it will show the percentage uploaded. Don't close or navigate away from the tab until the percentage is at 100%

4. The cloud will turn green once your data has been successfully uploaded. You can now leave the page.