Thematic data formats

Thematic can accept .xlsx and .csv files. Please make sure your file is structured so that each row contains one data record, like this:

Each row can contain one or more free text responses, as well as additional columns with information like date, score, and other audience data. Including a header row will make it easier to identify what each column contains.

If you have a column you'd like to be treated as a score, include it as a number (e.g. 0-10) instead of a description (e.g. Detractor, Passive, Promoter) for quicker processing. Or providing First Contact Resolution 1 = Yes or 0 = No).

Avoid features such as merged cells or multiple header rows, as they will cause errors in processing. If you're uploading an Excel file, the data you wish to analyze must be in the first sheet.

How to prevent data corruption

Opening a file in Excel has been known to cause issues with foreign characters and date formats. If at all possible avoid opening and saving a file in Excel before sending it to Thematic. If your file needs basic modification talk to your contact at Thematic to see if we can automate the edits for you.

Future uploads

You can upload additional data to an existing dataset and Thematic can process and add it automatically if it's configured correctly. Talk to your contact at Thematic about the frequency of future uploads to make sure the system is set up to accept new data. Thematic will have trouble automatically processing your data files if there's changes to the format, eg. column order or header name changes. Avoid these changes if possible and if it has to be changed alert your Thematic contact so they can prepare the system in advance to reduce turn around time.

Thematic also uses a unique ID per response to ensure duplication doesn't occur. The system can also be configured if your data doesn't have a unique ID. More details here: