Auditing Answers

Managing Answers

If you want visibility into what questions are being asked by Answers users across your organization and the answers that they are getting, you can now add a permission under the `Manage users’ page for that user to `Manage Answers’.

Once you have permissions to `Manage Answers`, you can see all the questions asked and answers created for your organization’s account from the `Audit answers` page under the top-right menu.

Viewing Answers

From the `Audit answers` page, you will be able to see the following:

  1. Question asked by a user
  2. Email address of the person who asked the question
  3. Date and time that they asked the question
  4. Answer that was generated for that question

Note that you can use the `Search` field to search for certain questions on the list.

Clicking the `View` button on the list, will take you to a read-only view of this answer. When viewing someone else’s saved answer, you can only copy parts of the answer but not edit or share this answer.

To know more about how viewing someone else’s saved answers work, check this help article.