How to share Saved Answers

Sharing Answers

In Answers, you have a couple of ways to share an answer :

  1. By copying a link and sharing it with anyone else in your organization who has access to your Thematic account
  2. By emailing the answer to relevant people who may or may not have access to your Thematic account

You also have a couple of ways to access this:

  1. From your saved answers list on the left-hand side of Answers page:

  1. From the `Share` button on the Answers page as you’re working on your question:

Sharing Answers via a Link

From here, you can choose if you want your answer to be shared or not. Note that answers are not shareable by default.

Clicking on the `Copy link` button allows you to copy a link going to your answer, which you can share with anyone else in your organization who has access to your Thematic account.

Email Sharing of Answers

If you prefer to share your answer via email instead, click on the `Finalize and send` button.

From here, you can send your answer in an email to anyone as a one-off. Just add the email address of your recipient/s and make sure that it is safe to send them as your answer may contain confidential or sensitive information.

Note that if you have also enabled the sharing link for this answer, your recipients will see relevant links directing them to Thematic, so they can explore your answer more.

Viewing a Shared Answer

When viewing someone else’s saved answer, you can only copy parts of the answer but not edit or share this answer.

To continue delving deeper into a shared answer, you can copy a saved answer into your own list of saved answers by clicking the `Make a copy` button at the bottom of the answer. Here, you’ll find the email of the person who created the answer also.

Note that you can only duplicate an answer if you have access to Answers and the dataset/s selected on the shared answer.