How to invite users to your Thematic

Only Administrator accounts can invite new users to their Thematic. Only invite users to your Thematic who should have access to your data.

1. You will need the email address of each new user you want to invite. Log into Thematic, open the top right drop-down menu and select Administration. 

2. Click the add user button at the top.

3. The user invitation form contains several fields, each one must be filled out. Everything except the login email can be edited in the future.

  • Login Email - The email address the invitation will be sent to, which becomes the user's login email.
  • Name - The user's name in the system, which makes for easier identification.
  • Role (More details here)
    • Admin: Can view all data sets, upload and download data and manage other users.
    • Analyst: Can view data sets with permission and download data.
    • Viewer: Can view data sets with permission but cannot download data.
  • Survey Access: Lets you customize which data sets the user can view. Data sets the user can't see will be hidden from them in the Reports and Analyze drop-down menus.

If you are having trouble getting the email addresses recognized, try copying and pasting them into a text editor to remove invisible characters, and then into the form.

5. Click create user to send the invitation. Each invitation remains valid for 7 days after being sent.

Reinviting a user

You can quickly reinvite a user to your Thematic if their invitation expired. In the Administration page find the user and check when they last logged in. If a user has never logged in they haven't accepted their invitation yet and you can reinvite using the "Reinvite button".

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