Monthly/Weekly reporting using Answers

Answers is Thematic's new feature that allows you to ask specific questions about your data and get narrative answers, supported by data sources, customer verbatims and visuals. This can save you time and provide some useful insights for regularly scheduled reporting. Here are some example questions you can use to generate answers for your report using your time frame. To learn more about Answers, visit this help article.

What did users say in August 2023?

  • Asking a general question can give a high level explanation of the data. You can copy the explanation and paste it into any other document.

What issues did users have in August 2023?

  • Asking about issues will generate a more actionable summary which focuses on the problems in your data. Categories: issue is metadata generated by Thematic. You can also ask about Questions and Requests.

  • You can click on any of the blue themes to get a more specific summary of them. The example comments under 'Show relevant quotes' can help you find relevant examples to include in your reporting.

What are the most common issues this quarter compared to last quarter?

What are the most common issues this month compared to last month?

  • You can get an explanation about new changes this month or quarter.
  • You can also change from "issues" to "requests" or "questions"

How do users talk about playing videos in August 2023 compared to July 2023?

  • You can ask about specific features or themes in one time period compared to another to get an explanation
  • Use "create suggestion" to help inspire possible fixes or next steps you can suggest for problems