Question types that Answers supports

While Answers makes it easy for anyone at your organization to ask specific questions about your data, not all types of questions are supported by Answers just yet. We currently only support 2 types of questions: Feedback Summary and Pair Comparisons.

Note: Answers is currently in beta for a limited set of users. If you are interested in joining the beta, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. To know more about Answers, visit this help article.

Feedback Summary

Feedback Summary is a type of question that can be sufficiently answered by making one query which returns sentences and summarizes the results based on a set of  filter values (i.e. category, sentiment, date ranges) inferred from your question:

The suggested questions that you see on the left column of the `Answers’ page are examples of this question type:

Other examples of this question type are:

  • What are the biggest issues?
  • What do our highest paying customers request?
  • What were the issues with customer service last Christmas?

Pair Comparisons

Pair Comparisons is a type of question that compares 2 segments and can sufficiently answer the question by making 2 queries and returning 2 sets of sentences to answer the question. These could be two date ranges, filter values, categories, sentiment, and possibly themes / response contains:

The suggested questions that you see on the right column of the `Answers’ page are examples of this question type:

Other examples of this question type are:

  • What do our detractors say compared to our promoters?
  • What are the differences between what our North American customers and EU Customers like?
  • What new issues are there in the last 6 months?
  • What do our longest standing customers say compared to our customers of short tenure?
  • What was the feedback on our interface this year compared to last year?

Unsupported Questions

When a question you asked is not yet supported, you can either reword your question to align with our current supported question types, or help us improve the way we categorize our questions by providing feedback:

Not Enough or No Data

If a question you asked is supported but has less than 10 rows of feedback, you will get a not enough or no data result. In this case, you can try to wider your search by changing your filters, or provide us feedback if you think you have missing data:

Note: If you selected multiple data sets for your question, you will not be able to use the filters to widen your search, so try rewording your question instead.