How to analyze app store reviews with Thematic

Let's assume there is an app you want to learn more about. What do users think about this app? What do they complain about the most? What do they love about it?

Alternatively, you might want to compare one or more apps. How does this app benchmark against a competitor, or a category of similar apps. 

Step 1: Create a data set in Thematic

Go into manage data area

Create a new dataset:

Note, it says that it takes a day, but you can reach out to your CS manager to get the data ready faster!

Configure the dataset as following:

Please note App Identifier is a number or a sequence of characters at the end of the app store URL.

For example, for the Robinhood app on iOS Apple App Store it's 938003185.

Step 2 Pull data into Thematic

Once you entered all information, click "Import data". It should look like this:

That's it! Click "Done" and wait for an email from us with the next steps.

Step 3. Refine themes in Thematic for your app

For a few minutes, you'll see this in the Managed data section.

Your customer success manager will message you once the data is ready. But feel free to ping them via email or via Slack!

Once the data is analyzed, you can go into manage themes area to start reviewing themes:

In a different help article, we walk you through how to use the Managed themes area, as well as best practices for a useful themes taxonomy.

Watch our 1 min video on how to edit themes or refer to a more in-depth masterclass youtube video under Relevant reading.

Step 4. Analyze themes to find insights

Jump into the Analyze section in Thematic to see which themes are most common, how do they impact the app store rating, and how things have been changing over time.

There are other 1 min videos on how to use Thematic and dig deeper into a rating like app store or NPS.

That's it!

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