How to use Themes

The Themes tool displays the frequencies of the  base and sub-themes that Thematic has identified in your data using word clouds.

Feature walkthrough

The word cloud shows each base theme and the number of comments tagged with it. The total number of comments is listed above the word cloud and will update when you filter your data.

Each base theme is color-coded to represent a positive, neutral or negative sentiment

  • Green represents a positive sentiment
  • Grey represents a neutral sentiment
  • Red represents a negative sentiment

You can view each base theme's sub-themes by hovering your mouse over it.

The selected theme will be named in the right section and have its related comments shown. 25 comments are loaded by default  which  you can scroll up and down to view. Scrolling to the button will show a load more comments button, which will load another 25 comments at the bottom.

If you have a  Admin or Analyst account you can download all comments related to the selected theme as a .csv file by clicking the download button. You will be prompted to choose the file's save destination on your computer. This .csv file will contain additional information, like the themes Thematic has identified in each comment and sentiment score.


Themes is compatible with any filters you can apply. When you apply a filter, if a theme has a statistically significant increase or decrease in frequency compared to it's frequency in all the data it is marked with an up or down arrow

  • An up arrow: This theme is more frequent in this filter of data than the average.
  • A down arrow: This theme is less frequent in this filter of data than the average.

The related comments section will update to only show comments from the filtered set of data.

If you apply an orange filter a second-word cloud will appear under the first one for the second filtered set of data.

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