Themes or Sentiment

The Themes or Sentiment analytic tool displays the volume and sentiment of the  base and sub-themes in your data.

  • Base themes are displayed by the biggest volume and are  color-coded  to represent their positive, neutral or negative sentiment. What is Thematic sentiment?
    • Green represents a positive sentiment
    • Grey represents a neutral sentiment
    • Red represents a negative sentiment
  • The total number of responses is displayed about the word cloud.
  •  The exact number of responses for each theme is written in brackets and you can mouse over each base theme to see the volumes of its sub-themes. 
  • To see data examples of a base or sub-theme in the right section click on the themes name.


  • Filtering adds arrows to themes which have a statistically significant increase or decrease in frequency in the filtered set of data compared to the average.
    • An up arrow indicates an increase in frequency.
    • A down arrow indicates a decrease in frequency.
  • Adding an orange filter will add another word cloud below the first one for the orange filtered set of data.
  • The data examples will show examples from both filtered sets of data for the selected theme, and downloading comments will detail what filters have been applied

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