What is Thematic

Thematic is an online platform that uses unassisted NLP (Natural language processing) to analyze large amounts of free text to determine what the data is mentioning, and then displays that analysis in a set of visualizations and dashboards.

We analyze each data set individually and Thematic produces a unique set of themes that describes the content the free text fields are mentioning. This themes list is then organized into a two-level hierarchy to make the analysis faster and easier. This list is easily edited and can be highly customized so it is first refined by human data scientists at Thematic, and then by the themes stakeholders of the data set. These changes lead to a themes list that is

  • Contextually accurate eg. acronyms moved into correct themes
  • Varied enough to cover all the topics in your data
  • Meaningful for you and your analysis  

Thematic's theme editor allows anyone to see the details of each theme, and make quick changes

Thematic then uses this themes list to analyze the data and displays the results in our analytic tools and dashboards through our online portal. Analytic tools are designed to be more in-depth and allow users to really dig into their data for insights, while the dashboards are more lightweight and allow anyone to quickly jump in and find high-level actionable insights.

A Thematic dashboard (left) and analytic tools (right)

Depending on your data our analytic tools can help track the volumes of these themes, how they've changed over time, how different segments of your data mention them and how they affect your key metrics like NPS, Sentiment or CSAT.

The portal itself is also customizable and users invited can be set up with different permissions and levels of access suited for their needs.

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