Thematic supported languages

Thematic can analyze feedback in hundreds of languages, although not natively. 

Here is how it works:

  1. You submit a dataset with feedback in many different languages.
  2. We detect the language of the feedback automatically (It's 99% accurate!).
  3. We translate feedback from that language into English.
  4. You see all feedback analyzed in a consistent way regardless of the language.

The translation is done using the integrated Google Translate service, which supports many different languages. It's accuracy level is pretty high thanks to recent advances in Natural Language Processing. In addition, thematic allows to resolve any translation errors in theme names via themes editor, if necessary.

Thematic will discover the themes in your data using the English translated comments and can translate the identified themes back into the original language, or keep them in English. Thematic can also show the comments in their original language or their English translation, and allow users to download the original or translated comments.