Thematic API

Developers can use Thematic API to push data into Thematic and pull the results.

Prerequisites. You need to be an admin. If you don't have an admin account, please contact the admin within your organization to provide you with access.

Step 1 - Setup SDK. Clone SDK onto your computer Run ./ then source env/bin/activate

Step 2 - Get token. Run thematic-client-auth. Use the email address as Username and your password associated with your admin account, and name the integration, e.g. "demo_project". This will generate a token, which you will need to use with the API. Keep it secure!

Step 3 - Get survey and result IDs. In examples, run (or if your organization is hosted on using your token from previous step.

Step 4 - Interact with API. Now use this data to push and pull the data. E.g. to pull run python [token] [survey_id] [job_id]. This will download two files CSV and JSON. 

More in-depth details about Thematic's API can be found here:

Have any questions about Thematic's API? Don't hesitate to contact us at