How to quickly revisit the same filters

While using Thematic you may find filters that you repeatedly come back to. There is an easier way to quickly revisit these filters instead of applying them every time.

First, find a tool and apply the filters you frequently use.

Next, open the share menu in the top right and click the copy link.

You must be logged into Thematic and have permission to view the data set to follow this link. 

Following this link will open the analytic tool with the selected filters. There are 2 ways we recommend saving this link for future use, method 1 is the simplest.

1. Keeping the links in a document for easy access

Keep a separate document with the links and a short description of each link.

2. Bookmark the links yourself

This can be more tricky depending on your browser since you'll need to bookmark the specific link, not the page in Thematic.


Open the bookmark manager using Command, Option and B. Click on the Bookmark manager menu (at the top right corner) and then "Add new bookmark". Paste the URL and name the bookmark with the applied filters.


Bookmark the Thematic page using Command and D. Then press Command, Option and B to open the bookmark manager. Edit the address and paste the Thematic link, then rename the bookmark with the applied filters.

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