Simple tips and tricks for finding and sharing insights

Thematic impact - What's driving my NPS score? video

Example insight - "Interface issue" theme video

What are the most mentioned themes in my data?

Opening the analysis will show the explore tab. By default it will show you the volume of the Base themes Thematic has found in your data. Responses can be tagged with multiple themes.

How can I see more details about an interesting base theme?

All of the base themes contain more specific sub-themes, you can click on any base theme and see it's sub-themes volume.

What themes affect my score or metric the most?

If your data contains a score or metric (ie. NPS or CSAT) Thematic can calculate which themes are affecting your score or metric the most. Click the Impact tab, and the themes will be displayed by their greatest positive or negative impact on the score or metric.

How has the frequency & impact of a theme changed over time?

If your data contains dates (ie. Date of survey completion) Thematic can show trends over time. Select a theme by clicking on it, then scroll down and select Trends to view how the volume and impact of the theme has changed over time.