New User Quick Start

So, you were invited into Thematic! 

Thematic uses AI and human input to quickly analyze large volumes of feedback. It allows you to find insights in feedback to help prioritize the right improvements for customers. In Thematic, you can understand common themes, impact on scores, trends, and emerging issues.

This guide will help you to get started quickly.

Step 1. Creating an account and logging in

Skip this section if you are already in Thematic, otherwise

Step 2. Where's what in Thematic

Watch this 40 sec video to get a quick overview of where is what in Thematic. 

If you don't see a particular area, it might be your permissions are restricted. Talk to your admin!

Step 3. Analysis tools in Thematic

Watch this 40 sec video to learn how to answer these questions in your data:

  • What do people talk about
  • What impacts my score (e.g. NPS or app store review)
  • Which customers talk the most about a theme

Step 4. Digging deeper in Thematic

There are different ways in which you can dig deeper in Thematic. Here are some articles to help you:

  • How to get more specific and actionable insights for a theme?
  • How to narrow down a customer segment by using filters?
  • How to compare two customer segments?
  • How to spot emerging trends?
  • How to track change over time?

The last question is also answered in this short 40 sec video:

Step 5. Sharing insights with others

That's it! You are done with the most essential things to know in Thematic!

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