Viewer & Analyst user guide

Welcome to Thematic

Thematic will help you process and understand your customer feedback in new and exciting ways. 

This page serves as a guide for all the resources available to you in this Knowledgebase and will help get you started using Thematic.

If you ever have questions that you can't find answers to here, please email and we'll help however we can.

Getting started

The only difference between a Viewer and Analyst account is the ability to download data from Thematic, otherwise they are identical.

Analyzing your data using Thematic

This knowledgebase has articles describing all the Thematics analytic tools and we recommend starting with these

  • Dashboard
    • A summarized view of Thematics analytics on your data.
  • Insight report
    • A curated a list of interesting and meaningful insights found in your data.
  • Themes
    • A word cloud of the themes Thematic has identified in your data.
  • How to use Thematic filters
    • Filters help you get deeper insights into your data and are valuable for the Comparison and Impact tool.
  • Comparison
    • The Comparison tool lets you compare the frequency of themes in different sections of your data.
  • Impact (requires scores in your data)
    • The Impact tool shows you the themes which have the biggest effect on the scores in your data.
  • Sharing Thematic visualizations
    • How to easily share Thematic visualizations with people who do and don't have access to your Thematic.

Additional resources

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