How to use Correlation

The Correlation tool requires scores in your data set ie. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or 1-5 star ratings.

The Correlation tool graphs the correlated importance and frequency of each  base theme.

Feature walkthrough

Each base theme in your data is represented on the Correlation graph by a blue dot. You can mouse over each blue dot to see the base theme, frequency and correlated importance. Select a theme by clicking on it to keep the details open when you mouse off it.

Each theme is placed on the Correlation graph according to its frequency and correlated importance.

  • Vertical axis: Theme frequency
  • Horizontal axis: Theme importance on score

Ideally, you want to discover the themes with high frequency and correlated importance, which will be located in the top right section of the graph.


Correlation is only affected by the primary blue filter, and accepts all filters except score filters, which removes any different in score which is used to calculate correlation.

Selecting a filter will keep the details of the selected themes visible.

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