How to use response contains filters

Thematic supports searching the text of responses with some logic being available.

Simple search

Searching for a word or phrase will limit responses shown and used to those that include these as full words. This means that "suit" does not match to "suitcase". Case is ignored so "suit" does match "Suit".

Advanced Search

Thematic supports the special words AND, OR and NOT (capitalized) to create logical queries. brackets can also be used

  • AND will require both sides to be included in each response, although they don't have to be together
  • OR will require at least one of the two sides to be included in the response
  • NOT will require the term following to not be in the response

Order of evaluation

  1. a AND b: include rows where "a" and "b" are full words in that row but don't have to be next to each other
  2. a OR b: include rows where "a" or "b" is a full word in that row
  3. NOT a : do not include rows where "a" is a full word in that row
  4. a b: include rows where "a b" are full words in that row and directly next to each other

The order of evaluation means that ORs are grouped together and then ANDed.

i.e. a OR b AND c means (a OR b) AND c and will match responses that have either a or b and also have c