SOC 2 Type II

Thematic has received a SOC 2 Type II report demonstrating that we have the appropriate controls in place to mitigate the risks related to security, availability, and confidentiality.

A SOC 2 report is designed to meet the needs of customers who require assurance about the effectiveness of controls of a software vendor, like Thematic. The report is the outcome of an audit performed by A-LIGN, an independent third-party cybersecurity firm.

Thematic was assessed against the SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria of:

  • Security (also known as Common Criteria)
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality

Our recent Type II audit is the most robust type. It set out to prove that we had controls in place for a sustained period of time, exhibiting reliable and consistent safeguards in place to protect our customer's data. Our reporting period concluded 28 February 2023.

Thematic is committed to carrying out an annual SOC 2 audit.

Customers or potential customers interested in attaining a copy of our SOC 2 report can contact us or ask for a copy from their customer success manager.