Thematic offers a PowerBI Data Connector to our customers. This page details how to get it, install it and use it to retrieve results from Thematic


The Power BI connector is a .mez file that may have been sent to you. The latest version can be here

The steps to install the connector are:

1.       Create the following directory if it doesn't exist:

C:\Users\YOURUSER\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors

2.       Copy the mez file in that location.

3.       Open Power BI Desktop and go to File  

4.       Options and Setting ->Options

5.       In Options click the section called Security.

6.       Finally, select the option Allow any extension to load without validation or Warning.

7.       Click OK and restart Power BI.

Setting up the connector

Following the installation instructions the connector should be loaded

1.       Go to Get Data -> More, you should see the following dialog and be able to find/filter to see Thematic

2.       It’s possible that the first time using the connector a prompt as the image below appears, click Continue.

3. You will need to specify the region, and whether data should only be pulled for certain dates

The possible regions are:

4. You will need to provide a refresh token that can communicate with Thematic securely. See the section ‘Getting a refresh token’ for how to do this

Using the connector

After adding a refresh token to the connector, the connector will present a navigation interface to select which survey, and what data, should be imported into Power BI.

The first level of the hierarchy should be your organization name, the second will be the available surveys and the third is the data source to import.

Data sources available:

  • All Data: This is the data we return when exporting responses in the Thematic Client Portal. It includes any columns that have been added as filters, metadata, or specified to be included in exports
  • List of themes (Negative Impact): A list of all themes, their score, and their impact on score. Requires a score set up
  • List of themes (Positive Impact): A list of all themes, their score, and their impact on score. Requires a score set up
  • List of themes (Volume): A list of all themes, their score, and their volume

Example use of list of themes

Example use of Raw Data

After selecting Raw Data from a survey a table similar to the following will be imported

To use the themes as a list you will need to transform data and expand the themes column

This will create a row per theme in each comment (so comments are represented multiple times. The same data above would expand to this:

Example use of List of themes

The first row is information on the entire dataset. All subsequent rows are one per theme

The columns are:

  • name: the name of the theme. Subthemes are printed as “${basetheme}: ${subtheme}”
  • count: the number of rows that match this theme
  • baseScore: the score for the rows matched with the theme
  • impact: the impact of this theme on the overall score
  • sentiment: the sentiment of the rows matched with the theme

Getting a refresh token

Refresh tokens are tokens that can log in to Thematic on your behalf. These can be created and revoked at any time.

Creating a token can be done on the user profile page while logged in.

It is recommended to name the integration as “Power BI” or something else recognizable.

It is important not to share the token as it is equivalent to your username and password to Thematic.


These are some of the most common causes of errors:

  • No data in the dates provided. Please select a different date range
  • Too much data. PowerBI doesn’t like it if there is too much data and it takes too long to respond, please select a smaller date range
  • Configuration errors on ‘List of themes’. If a score isn’t specified in the dataset the impact queries will fail
  • Configuration errors. If certain configuration requirements aren’t met with Thematic then it can cause issues. In particular whether ‘comment columns’ are correctly set. 

If there are issues where it isn’t possible to resolve yourself, please contact support@getthematic.com